Play Agario

Press "Space" to split
Press "W" to eject mass
Press "E" Self eject
Press "Ctrl" Force split
Double Click Send position



Agario Skins
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Agario Skins

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Agario is a game that makes spending time in front of a computer worthwhile. This multipurpose, multiplayer strategy game is one of the most popular games in the whole wide world. In our website, player's have the ability to logon to any server of their choosing. The point of the game is to eat as much as you possibly can to gain or become bigger and eventually the biggest. A good strategy of the game is to split your cell into smaller cells to fend off predators or other players. This method will not only serve to help you dodge others, but also you will continue to grow and regrow at the right point of time. Fast Minions Mods agario unblocked Server.agario - agario unblocked - AgarioHUB